Our Services

Hull Cleaning

Cost-effective and eco-friendly hull cleaning services. A foul-free hull optimizes vessel performance and fuel efficiency. Cleaning can be conducted day or night while vessels are loading or unloading, eliminating downtime and saving you time and money.

Propeller Polishing

Multi-stage micro polishing of all propeller surfaces and the maintenance of the smooth surfaces. Polishing saves energy and optimizes the performance of the ship, a rough propeller leads to power loss and an increase of fuel consumption.

Plugging of Hole

We provide temporary fixes for clients that are unable to dock their ships for a full repair.

Under Water Video and Photographic Surveys

Full inspection of ships hulls, propellers, rudders and sea chest to evaluate their vessels worth to sail. Stern tube and rudder clearance measuring with poker gauge. HMS Provides such services together with detailed reports, photos and DVD’s at the end of the inspection.

Under Water Welding and Cutting

Full services for all cutting and welding needs. We provide efficient, cost-effective means of completing underwater tasks that involve cutting, piercing, gouging anode removal & installation.

Blank of Inet for Sea Chest Repair

Sea chests cleaning and underwater sea chests grating cleaning. Our high-quality divers remove the sea chests for cleaning and provide full internal cleaning as well.

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